Welcome to the Teddy Olympics  

Welcome to the Teddy Olympics Results!
Teddy bears have a great sense of fun and this year hosted some wonderful Teddy Olympic events.
Let's all share in the medals and smiles and the fun of the #TeddyOlympics!

Welcome to the 1st Teddy Olympics
  Teddy Olympic events are open to all pals

Each event has its own page with results - just click on the links below:

Balancin Buddy - those gymnastic lookin things but teddy style

Balltastic - Anipals and bears love to play ball sports too!

Dabbling - paws cooling off in the water after a nice play or picnic

Discus – For Circular Frisbee Style Catching Sports

Eating Cakes – Eating Noms is a Teddy Favourite

Eye Eye - Faceoff with a critter or eyeballing that pesky bird in the garden?

Hogging & Jumping on the Bed

Hugs – Open Arms and Hold Tight

Martial Bears – Inspired by Kung Fu Panda

Naps – Who can Nap like a Teddy?

Olympic Spirit - For those pals wanting to enter a traditional looking Olympic event

Peek-A-Boo – Classic Hiding Peeking Out Game

Pillow Forts - Making a nice castle or fort from the pillows

Sand Castles – One Bucket and a Sandy Beach

Smells like? – For pals with a nose for sports

Snowbears – Show off your Snowy creations

Teddy Bears Picnic – Setting out the nicest picnic spread

Watching Cartoons – A beary entertaining event

Wotchamacallit? - A miscellaneous event for pals just wanting to join in!

Teddy Olympics Judges
Many thanks to our wonderful judges for the #TeddyOlympics:

@BlindMaximus is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@FrugalDougal is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@henryandfriends is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@i_am_fuzzy is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@marshallsheldon is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@spencerteddy is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges
@ZackRabbit is one of our #TeddyOlympics judges

They did a brilliant job and the #TeddyOlympics wouldn't have worked without them!
Jed's picture is courtesy of and © by DJ Dyer

Do visit the lovely Athletes Village site created by
the awesome and lovely Dolly (@flicka47)
and check the awesome culinary delights!
  Everyone should join in and play for fun and happiness  
  Helpers for the Teddy Olympics  
  @marshallsheldon on Twitter@ollyted on Twitter@spencerteddy on Twitter
You can get in touch with our Teddy Helpers on Twitter!
Please do join in the Teddy Olympics -
watch for the #TeddyOlympics tag on Twitter!